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Course :Personality Development and Life skill acquisition

Syllabus committee:

The syllabus committee consists of experts of specific fields that that are packaged in the programme: Dr. Emarson V. P., (Consultant Psychologist), Mr. Jubin Babu (Consultant Psychologist & International HRD Trainer), Biju Mathew (Professor in psychology), Praveen Kumar (B. Ed. Educational Consultant & Entrepreneur in educational section), Anu Sebastian (Teacher), Renjini Ravindran (Psychologist), Sibin Jojo (Social Worker), Jeljith (English language trainer).

Coordinator: Mr. Geo Kappen, (Life coach & Assistant Professor in Psychology).


Module 1

Personality development (Hours: 10)

An introduction to Personality development – Know yourself: a better understanding of self – Exploring the concept of personality – Personality development from various psychological perspectives – Personality and different life situations – stress management

Module 2

Life Skills (Hours: 10)

Introduction to life skills – different type of life skills – Skill acquisition – Coping strategies – Resilience skill – Communication skills – Interpersonal skills – Social media skills – Interview skills – Public speaking skills – Assertiveness training – Relaxation techniques – Meditation

Overall finishing (Hours: 10)

Motivation evoking – The fully functioning personality – Who is an ultimate winner – Money/financial management – The entrepreneur mind set – Give something back – Value system and self-actualization

 Each module is presented not as a class, but through an interactive and experiential methodology. Well experienced trainers will guide the sessions.