Department of Psychology

Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health (LISSAH) is a premier education institution under the management of CST Fathers which is established in 2003 affiliated to the University of Calicut. The department of Psychology were started in 2005 with B. Sc. Psychology course 20 students and 3 teachers. Dr. Madhu Menon K. B. were the first Head of the Department of Psychology, LISSAH. In 2015 LISSAH launched M. Sc. Psychology course with 12 students.

Now we've traveled far from the simple setting to one of the biggest Psychology department in Kerala. Now we have two batches in B. Sc. Psychology degree course. Each batch contains approximately 44 seats, so a total of 88 numbers of students in the latest batch. The PG (M. Sc. Psychology course is also elaborated with 21 seats from 12 in the beginning. Currently 8+ teachers and Outside resource people moulding the students with value. It include well experienced professors, psychologists, clinical experts and therapists, HR experts etc. LISSAH has a team of Teaching Faculties who already proven their talents and skills in different areas of applied psychology. The current Psychology department is headed by Dr. Emarson V. P.

The Department of Psychology also provides certificate courses, space for overall personality and skill development specially designed curricular and co-curricular activities for overall student development with competence to deal with in a world class level.

We have a well equipped Psychology Laboratory and the biggest Library in the area more than 10000 books.

We have a lot of students placed in higher level positions abroad and within the country.

LISSAH always emphasize on values and practical knowledge. There is a well structured Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre which connects budding psychologists with general public under the guidance of experts.

The general public will also benefit from LISSAH Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.

For psychological counselling contact our clinic : +91 9188226490